List of the length of the KATANA

See the list below.


It is a list of an example. The length of the KATANA influences

  • by the arm length.
  • by the school
  • by your taste.
Height (cm)Length of the KATANA (Man)Length of the KATANA(Woman)
115-1201Syaku 8Sun(54.54cm) - 1Syaku 9Sun(57.57cm)1Syaku 7Sun 5Bu(53.03cm) - 1Syaku 8Sun 5Bu(56.06cm)
120-1251Syaku 9Sun(57.57cm) - 1Syaku 9Sun 5Bu(59.09cm)1Syaku 8Sun 5Bu(56.06cm) - 1Syaku 9Sun(57.57cm)
125-1301Syaku 9Sun 5Bu(59.09cm) - 2Syaku 0Sun(60.6cm)1Syaku 9Sun(57.57cm) - 1Syaku 9Sun 5Bu(59.09cm)
130-1352Syaku 0Sun(60.6cm) - 2Syaku 0Sun 5Bu(62.12cm)1Syaku 9Sun 5Bu(59.09cm) - 2Syaku 0Sun(60.6cm)
135-1402Syaku 0Sun 5Bu(62.12cm) - 2Syaku 1Sun(63.63cm)2Syaku 0Sun(60.6cm) - 2Syaku 0Sun 5Bu(62.12cm)
140-1452Syaku 1Sun(63.63cm) - 2Syaku 1Sun 5Bu(65.15cm)2Syaku 0Sun 5Bu(62.12cm) - 2Syaku 1Sun(63.63cm)
145-1502Syaku 1Sun 5Bu(65.15cm) - 2Syaku 2Sun(66.66cm)2Syaku 1Sun(63.63cm) - 2Syaku 1Sun 5Bu(65.15cm)
150-1552Syaku 2Sun(66.66cm) - 2Syaku 2Sun 5Bu(68.18cm)2Syaku 1Sun 5Bu(65.15cm) - 2Syaku 2Sun(66.66cm)
155-1602Syaku 2Sun 5Bu(68.18cm) - 2Syaku 3Sun(69.69cm)2Syaku 2Sun(66.66cm) - 2Syaku 2Sun 5Bu(68.18cm)
160-1652Syaku 3Sun(69.69cm) - 2Syaku 3Sun 5Bu(71.21cm)2Syaku 2Sun 5Bu(68.18cm) - 2Syaku 3Sun(69.69cm)
165-1702Syaku 3Sun 5Bu(71.21cm) - 2Syaku 4Sun(72.72cm)2Syaku 3Sun(69.69cm) - 2Syaku 3Sun 5Bu(71.21cm)
170-1752Syaku 4Sun(72.72cm) - 2Syaku 4Sun 5Bu(74.24cm)2Syaku 3Sun 5Bu(71.21cm) - 2Syaku 4Sun(72.72cm)
175-1802Syaku 4Sun 5Bu(74.24cm) - 2Syaku 5Sun 5Bu(77.27cm)2Syaku 4Sun(72.72cm) - 2Syaku 5Sun(77.27cm)
180-1852Syaku 5Sun 5Bu(77.27cm) - 2Syaku 6Sun 5Bu(80.30cm)2Syaku 5Sun(77.27cm) - 2Syaku 6Sun(80.30cm)
185-1902Syaku 6Sun 5Bu(80.30cm) - 2Syaku 7Sun 5Bu(83.33cm)2Syaku 6Sun(80.30cm) - 2Syaku 7Sun(81.81cm)

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